Is your parenting plan beginning to chafe?

What worked when your children were little may not work for them as teenagers. Perhaps your employment or family obligations have changed and now your original plan is untenable. When parents fail to abide by a parenting plan, there are often valid reasons, and we want to help you sort them out.

DMC provides an opportunity for you to modify your parenting plan without the emotional drama and financial drain of battling through the court system. Our two-pronged approach means that your concerns are addressed thoroughly and efficiently.

Parents each meet for an individual counseling session to discuss their co-parenting concerns which is then followed by a single two hour session of mediation resulting in a binding Mediated Settlement Agreement. You can file this MSA with the court to legally modify your current parenting plan.

No lawyers filing motions back and forth.
No long waits.
No increased tension or resentment.
No expensive bills.