Can You Afford a Litigated Divorce?

When lawyers are hired to hash out a settlement for you, a battle mentality develops. You learn to treat your spouse as the enemy, while you spend tens of thousands of dollars you’d rather spend on your children’s college education or a new home.

You want to protect your children, your assets, and your serenity, but you may not know how to do that except by hiring lawyers to begin a protracted, expensive, and emotionally exhausting process over which you have very little control. We at Divorce Mediation & Counseling, LLC know the financial and emotional hardships that come with a litigated divorce. We are here to help you avoid the casualties associated with this method so often used to end marriages. Our goal is to assist you in creating a Mediated Settlement Agreement which puts you in control, reduces the expense of the divorce process and changes destructive emotions to constructive ones so you can move toward a healthier future. The Mediated Settlement Agreement you create with DMC is binding once signed and will be used by the attorney to draw up your Final Divorce Decree.  The decisions for this agreement are made by you instead of a lawyer or a judge.

What to Expect from Divorce Mediation & Counseling, LLC:

After you sign an agreement for our services, you will receive “homework” that helps you consider what you would like in the way of parenting responsibilities and property assignment. You meet together in mediation to discuss those issues, bearing in mind that you know your family’s needs better than a stranger who has a predetermined set of guidelines that must be followed.

Together you create a Mediated Settlement Agreement that will be used by an attorney to finalize your Divorce Decree for Court approval. The attorneys we work with will honor your agreement and process it with the Court for a nominal fee.

Certificate of Co-parenting Education

When children are part of your divorce, our goal is to help you promote their sense of stability and security with a positive outlook on life – now and years down the road. Courts may require parents to attend parenting education for a minimum of 4 hours, which our process includes at no extra charge.

Unlike online courses or other parenting classes, ours is not a generic, one-size fits all approach, but geared toward your specific situation and needs. When you have completed it, we present you with a certificate of completion with your Mediated Settlement Agreement. This parenting course and the certificate are included in your package price.

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Our Fees: Without Children

  • Includes
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Property Division
  • Allocate Assets and Liabilites
  • Binding Mediated Settlement Agreement ( MSA )


Creating a successful post-divorce life begins with the decision to care for everyone involved. This includes knowing the potential consequences, both positive and negative, and being prepared to meet them constructively.

Our Fees: With Children

  • Includes
  • Kids First Focus
  • Agreements about Parenting Time
  • Agreements about Parenting Responsiblities
  • Certificate of Co-Parenting Education
  • Property Division
  • Allocate Assets and Liabilites
  • Binding Mediated Settlement Agreement ( MSA )