This is a wonderful alternative to two dueling attorneys! It was a very smooth and painless procedure – a huge thank you for helping us through this!
Brenda, 2017
Melynda, thank you so much. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you; things are so busy but are sooooo great! Thank you for everything during this process. It was the right way to go for me. It was much better than a big lawyer divorce.
Teresa, 2017
Melynda is the very reason we were able to stay out of a courtroom. She went above and beyond on all fronts. She is dedicated to the process; I have the utmost respect for her as a mediator and as a woman of strength.
Dustin, 2017
I admire you all for this work, and am grateful that these services exist.
Stefanie, 2014
Throughout the process the attorney continued to communicate with me any time I reached out to him. He honored our fixed price. He was thorough and honest. I appreciated his confidentiality and his cooperation.
Dustin, 2017
Marilyn played a key role in facilitating our mediated agreement. She has been a huge source of wisdom and encouragement as I move past this and make decisions for my son. She is a gifted counselor. More self-aware, disciplined and differentiated therapist is hard to come by.
D.L., 2017
Marilyn understood me almost better than I understand myself! She really helped me get a grasp of my situation and emotions.
Brenda, 2017
My former husband and I both paid substantive fees to retain our attorneys. It was clear from the series of motions filed by each lawyer that this was going to be a long very drawn out and ugly process; most likely costing us in excess of 2-5% or our net worth on legal fees alone. I talked to Melynda and thought we should give Mediation a try. We were in agreement to get divorced and we were in agreement with how to handle the kids. That was helpful. We met three times with Melynda over a period of 10-12 weeks and came to agreement. The process could not have been easier and was absolutely much less expensive than the typical lawyer driven sequence. My earlier experience showed me that with separate attorneys, the lawyers have an incentive to draw it out as much as possible because they generate more fees.
Susan, 2013