We reduce the wear and tear of divorce on all family members.

We have helped numerous families navigate the perils of divorce calmly.

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We make divorce easier by:

  • Making it affordable
  • Enhancing communication instead of warfare
  • Helping parents learn the skill of co-parenting

Creating a successful post-divorce life begins with the decision to care for everyone involved. This includes knowing the potential consequences, both positive and negative, and being prepared to meet them constructively. When children are part of your divorce, our goal is to help you promote their sense of stability, security with a positive outlook on life – now and years down the road. You can count on us.

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Divorce Smarter, Not Harder

Don’t go to war, and that’s exactly what happens when you get attorneys involved. When you hire an attorney, you must first pay a retainer, which can be anywhere from $5,000 to even more than $25,000. Your partner must respond by doing the same. Each time you consult with your attorney, you are billed. Each time your attorney creates paperwork or asks for “discovery,” you are billed. When your spouse is served with papers, you are billed. Each action by your attorney prompts an action by your spouse’s attorney, which is also billed. When court dates are made, you and your spouse are billed by your attorneys.
Court dates are determined by the availability of the court and your lawyers, which may mean that you will lose days at work.
Before a judge will hear your case, most will require you and your spouse to mediate, where you will be billed again by both your attorneys and the mediators(s). At the end of this mediation (which may take a day or more), you may or may not have achieved a Mediated Settlement Agreement. If you have not been successful at signing a binding MSA the litigation will continue. For every delay by either attorney, both parties pay for the time needed to address them. Divorces end up costing a lot more than you imagined – even when you think it’s going to be a “simple” divorce.

Litigated Divorce Costs Thousands More

It’s commonly known that divorce is expensive for both parties. Right out of gate, your family takes a $10,000 to $50,000 hit. That’s usually just the beginning. The more conflict is perpetuated, the more bills continue to add up for both parties with no end in sight. With delays, disagreements, and difficulties resolving issues, both parties pay for the time needed to address them. That’s a lot of lost money with zero results.

It’s pretty clear the only folks winning in traditional divorce proceedings are the attorneys.

Divorces end up costing a lot more than you imagined – even “simple” divorces.

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We Know Our Stuff

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and have all the credentials necessary to help come to the best resolution for all parties. Learn about who we are.

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Faith Based Divorce

We don’t promote divorce, but we know sometimes it seems like the only solution. The process we have designed allows for you, as a couple, to work toward divorce at your own pace providing resources to help you. Learn More

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Service Member Divorce

We appreciate the sacrifices you have made for our country and recognize that if you are considering a divorce, you need a process that minimizes the stress and conflict you and your family will be facing during the break up of your marriage. Learn More

There are Real Advantages to Mediation Over Traditional Divorce

  • Focus on Family Dynamics

  • Focus on Kids

  • Faith Can play a Role

  • Reduced Stress

  • Better Communication

  • Faster Resolutions

  • You Determine your Property Division

  • Less Expensive

  • Focus on Positive Outcomes.

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Have Kids? Kids do Better in Divorce with Mediation and Counseling

Divorce is difficult for adults, but it’s brutal for kids. Especially when your divorce spirals out of control into full-blown warfare. Your kids deserve better. Make it easier for them to deal with divorce by committing to mediation. Everyone wins in the end.

Divorce: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

Just making the decision to divorce is difficult, but it can get worse after that. Who gets what, who moves, where do the kids go, all are life-changing decisions that are difficult to navigate. We guide you gently along the path to negotiate with your spouse to arrive at your final divorce as calmly as practical.




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We Love Our Clients, and They Love Us

We are completely dedicated to our clients. When you choose DMC, you will be fully supported during the entire process until your divorce is finalized. We help our clients achieve amicable resolutions and avoid combative behavior from all parties involved.

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